I just don't think my dog(s) will behave for a photo session Never fear, that is why the sessions are relaxed and I take time helping the animal feel comfortable with me and my camera. My longer lens is the most used as most animals ( and people) do not like having a camera in their face.

Also, many of my photos are taken with your dog on a lead and then the lead can be removed in post-production. Apart from anything else, it is an important safety measure.

In the studio your dog is given time to sniff out the territory and settle in. Most dogs don't even notice the flash but if they do then I can use a constant or natural light.

Do you only photograph dogs? Most of my subjects are dogs
but I also photograph cats, horses, birds, in fact almost any animal which means a lot to you.

What kind of Photographer are you? I have a very natural approach, bringing a mix of traditional portraiture and the more documentary style to a session. These days it is referred to as lifestyle photography. However, I will still guide you and your pet and provide gentle directions but do not try to make you look "perfect" stiff or unnatural. I want you to feel comfortable and not wondering what you are supposed to do. As your photographer, I will work towards providing you with a diverse but connected gallery of images which can be displayed on your walls, put in an album or viewed as a slideshow. I hope these photos become part of your family history and tell a story of that particular and special time in your lives.

Where will my session be held? It depends on the style you are seeking - it can be on location or at my Diamond Beach studio. When outdoors it is a more spontaneous session and the studio is ideal for the more formal portraits and puppy sessions. Together we will choose the perfect location and I am currently putting together a location guide.

Also the time of day is important to ensure we have the best light. Unless it is very cloudy, late afternoon, as the light turns golden is magical. Mornings can also be wonderful although in summer that means a very early start. Autumn is ideal especially at the beach when the sunrises are at their best.

The home setting is often best for cats and small pets, also if your dog is elderly, unwell or prefers a known environment

What should I wear? Be comfortable and be yourself. Dress to suit the weather and being able to sit on the ground rather than "dressing up". My main suggestion is to avoid tee shirts with logos - plain coloured tops are best. However I can send you some extra info if you wish.

How do you choose the final images that I receive? I look at each image I have captured at your session and select the best, those which are of good quality photographically and truly represent you and your amazing pet.

How do I book a session with you, Jude? I am so glad you asked. You can email me directly at jconning7@gmail.com or via the contact tab above