Just to tell you something about Jude Conning... animal lover, photographer, creator, dreamer, educator, traveler

When you have experienced life with animals you know that each one has a unique personality and they love us unconditionally. With dogs, whether you go out for 5 minutes or 5 hours, they are overjoyed to see you return. Cats will wrap themselves your ankles, horses stand at the gate and whinny and birds chirp happily to see you.

These days I am on a mission to photograph pets and their people in a way that is true to who they are - real and loving life. Whether that be in their own home, at a park or the beach, or in the studio. If you are always taking photos of your animals I bet that you don't have many photos of you with your wonderful pet and I know I am very guilty of that. So I want you to have beautiful photos of those animals who are such a very important part of our lives but sadly do not stay with us as long as we wish they would.

For the last 10 years my time has been spent photographing wildlife - wolves, polar bears, walrus, penguins and seals of all types. I also love dog sledding and capturing those amazing and courageous dogs and their mushers.

When at home my camera is turned to creating images of birds, dolphins, whales and of course - dogs, cats, horses, and other domestic animal friends.

If I can stand for 8 hours in -40C temperatures to capture a mother Polar Bear and her new cubs or waiting for a wolf pack to appear from the forest then I can no doubt ensure that I will create gorgeous images of your beloved animals.

If you think I might be the photographer for you please have a look through the portfolio section, check out the FAQs or just contact me for more information about a photo session.

Phone 0418 828 338 or email jconning7@gmail.com

Pet Photographer for Diamond Beach, Hallidays Point, Forster, Taree, Gloucester

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